Appendix A - Guide to the resistance of copper and stainless steel in BPHEs

The guide below is an attempt to give a picture of the corrosion resistance of stainless steels and brazing materials in tap water at room temperature. In the table A.1 a number of important chemical components are listed, however the actual corrosion is a very complex process influenced by many different components in combination. This table is therefore a considerable simplification and should not be overvalued!

+ Good resistance under normal conditions
0 Corrosion problems may occur especially when more factors are valued 0
- Use is not recommended

Table A.1 Guide to resistance of copper and stainless steel in BPHEs


Table A.2 is giving a guideline for plate material depending on chloride content.

Table A.2 Choice of plate material

SS = Stainless steel grade Ti = Titanium

In the evaporator, the refrigerant boils off by absorbing energy from the warmer secondary fluid, thus reducing the temperature. The secondary fluid may be a gas or a liquid, depending on the system.

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