SWEP Poland secures business with JBG-2, a leading producer of refrigeration equipment

After two years of continuous hard work and dedication, SWEP has now secured the business from Polish customer JBG-2 who is one of the largest producers of refrigeration equipment and appliances for shops and supermarket chains in Europe.

JBG-2 is using SWEP’s BPHEs (brazed plate heat exchangers) as condensers in their new plug-in systems.  These new systems are now preferred over remote systems for several reasons: lower taxes because of the smaller refrigerant charge, lower investment costs, and lower risks when using flammable natural refrigerants.   SWEP’s innovative AsyMatrix® range of BPHEs are a perfect fit for these plug-in systems thanks to their low refrigerant hold-up volume, good temperature approach, and ability to use the condenser in the horizontal position.  The asymmetric channel configuration of the AsyMatrix® technology smartly combines maximum heat transfer on the refrigeration side with minimum pressure drop on the secondary side.  The increased efficiency and better use of the structural material compared with conventional heat exchangers delivers a more sustainable solution in suitable applications such as these systems.  Read more about SWEP’s AsyMatrix® technology here.



                    SWEP B5AS model



                      SWEP B8LAS model


JBG-2 uses a mix of our B5AS and B8LAS models in their equipment, so SWEP got some valuable exposure recently at Euroshop 2017 in Germany when JBG-2 displayed their plug-in systems with our condensers installed.  JBG-2 offers three types of these systems and here is a brief description of each:

RDG - 2.5 model – uses R600A, R290, or HFC, with a dual circuit and hybrid system with two switching condensers:

  1. Two B5AS model BPHEs are used during the hot season.  The water loop is heated by condensing the refrigerant and there is a dry cooler vs a cooling tower in the supermarket room.
  2. A dual coil is used for indoor heating.

RDI - 3.75 model – uses R290, R600a, or HFC, with a scroll compressor in the vertical compression along with a B8LAS model BPHE

RDK - 1.25 model – uses R290, R600a, or HFC, as a HEOS system top machine with a B8LAS BPHE model as the condensing unit


JBG-2’s FLOW system is used both for remote devices as well as plug-ins. It is a new eco-friendly solution, the properties of which allow you to improve the parameters of the equipment, reduce the environmental impact of your installation and most importantly, cut the costs.  Please read more on the FLOW system technology here.