SWEP Slovakia climbs to #2 in Trend's Company of the Year awards

Every year, Slovakia's business magazine Trend makes its Company of the Year Awards. Improving on its #4 position last year, SWEP Slovakia, the brazed plate heat exchanger manufacturer, has climbed to #2 for 2013.

Trend magazine judged the 221 companies nominated for 2013 on key financial performance criteria such as increase in revenue, EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization), revenue/asset ratio, assets, and ROI (return on investment). High-scoring companies have increased market share and at least maintained profitability.

"This award is a great honor, not only for us here in Slovakia but for all SWEP companies worldwide," comments Peter Nilsson, General Manager at SWEP Slovakia. "Our improved performance reflects SWEP's wider long-term global success – both financial and technological – and strongly supports SWEP's belief in a future where we continue to improve."