SWEP Condensers proven as a durable solution for Air Conditioning system for decades

SWEP BPHEs working as condensers have been installed in an AC system for 24 years – proving the durability power of BPHEs in applications!

SWEP offers a wide range of highly efficient, compact, and versatile heat exchanger solutions for air conditioning systems. As a world-leading supplier of brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHEs) and related services and expertise, we are constantly developing and extending our solutions within Air Conditioning. 

                 SWEP Label for the B27's showing their manufacture date of 1997

For this AC application (3) SWEP B27Hx42 models have been working in parallel as condensers for almost 24 years! These BPHEs (Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers) were installed in an Air Conditioning system working with R22. The robust construction of BPHEs requires no gaskets, eliminating their risk of leaking. This means stable thermal and hydraulic performance, with minimal maintenance and operational downtime. In fact, the customer stated that they have only performed standard maintenance such as cleaning the water circuit a few times over the years.

                                            SWEP B27 models installed onsite

These units are installed at a chain of clubs where there is a possibility for visitors to use the library, gym, swimming pools, indoor and outdoor sports, as well as other amenities. In addition to the club services, these clubs also promote many social programs for free such as health care, access to culture, education, sports, and recreation. There are more than 580 locations spread around Brazil, and they have been working over 70 years to offer a better quality of life for employees and their families.


SWEP condensers are proven to be a great option for various application segments, such as refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pumps. SWEP offers a wide range of highly efficient, compact, and versatile heat exchanger solutions for air conditioning systems and offers a full range of BPHEs engineered to deliver the highest COP and the lowest life-cycle cost for refrigeration systems. Also, with our wide range of BPHEs having a long thermal length, SWEP products can help to maximize the efficiency of the condensing operation in heat pump applications. SWEP is proud to offer highly efficient evaporators and condensers with dedicated ranges for R410A, R134a, and R407C and many more. These ranges have been thoroughly tested and verified in our in-house laboratory.

BPHEs are one of the most efficient ways to transfer heat and can provide optimized solutions in other types of applications such as Industrial, Data Center cooling, Distict Heating, and District Cooling as well.

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